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How safe is scaffolding in Greenwich

Scaffolding Greenwich – Scaffolding is an important part of construction.

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Workers cannot move with a frame work that not only helps them to move around but also supports them during construction. A typical scaffolding service provider in Greenwich provides services such a roof coverings, temporary bridges, edge protections and the list goes on.

  • Materials used in scaffolding

Scaffolding formwork can be either made up of wood planks or metals rods, depending on the complexity of the building. The framework usually includes:

  • A base jack or plate
  • A standard that connects at joints
  • Horizontal brace
  • Brackets
  • Scaffold tie and so on

The scaffold is actually a pretty complex thing itself and needs well trained professionals and experts to design it.

  • The Do’s of scaffolding

Because scaffolding is always used at construction sites in Greenwich and other place, its safety has to be ensured. The safer it is the easier will it be for workers to use and do their work. Slightest mistake in using the scaffold can cause serious injury to workmen. Here are some tips to remember for scaffolding:

  • Hire professional and well trained scaffold contractors who are easily available in Greenwich
  • Also wear proper gear including specially designed construction hats before climbing up on the scaffold
  • The scaffold agency should posses a legal working license
  • Place the framework away from public and public property if possible
  • If you are working in a public place, then start construction when no one is around to reduce chances of an accident

If you keep these points in mind then scaffolds will become safer to use.

  • The Don’ts of scaffolding

Here is a list of things that should be avoided during scaffolding whether in Greenwich or any other place:

  • Never leave anything on the scaffold once you are done
  • Don’t overload it. Take things one by one rather than at once
  • Don’t use boxes or unsafe materials to reach height. Ask the scaffold to be raised higher for better reach
  • Do not ever use a damaged scaffold or platform
  • Never walk or climb or narrow lines of the scaffold to avoid injury

Always get the frame checked by a trained person and wait for his green signal.

  • How safe is a scaffold?

Using ladders or boxes to reach heights with heavy objects is not a good option. It can cause you to fall and get seriously injured. On the other hands scaffolds are totally safe to use are been used for construction purposes since a long time in Greenwich.

Every frame is designed according to the complexity of the building under construction and then installed. It makes it easier for workers to take heavy objects up and down also reach maximum height through a lift or raising platform. The platforms are big and strong enough to hold enough weight and the pipes used in keeping the framework together are made of good quality.


Make sure that you hire an agency which knows its work perfectly and also train workers about the correct way of using a scaffold for increasing productivity and decreasing injuries and accidents.

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